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This is more a genuine account than an actual story ! - Until around six years ago no man other than me had seen my wife without her clothes on ! I was the only man that had ever seen her naked ! No man had even cast his eyes upon her huge pendulous low hanging heavy tits ! I often have Denise undress for me well in advance of me taking her so that I can feast my eyes on her exposed body ! Quite often Denise is made to take her clothes off in the middle of the living room so I can look at her ! It is quite usual for Denise to be stark naked around the house for hours just so I can look at her… Read more

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Mommy no tits

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Fbailey story number 638 Mommy No Tits I thought that my mother was the most beautiful woman that I had ever seen. She was a very good cook, she cleaned the entire house from top to bottom twice a year, and she gave my father sex whenever he asked. He asked often too because I had figured out their system. Anytime he kissed her his hand would rub her chest. That was his way of saying, I love you. If he wanted sex his hand would go up under her skirt to her pussy, and if he wanted a blowjob he would place her hand on the crotch of his pants. I knew what was going on because I would… Read more

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Room Service (Interracial, Milf)

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Room Service The receptionist looked up and smiled as Anne’s heels clacked across the terracotta flooring of the quiet hotel lobby. “Good evening, Miss Oakley, hope you are well.” “Yes, thank you Georgina, I’m fine,” said the blonde, stooping to place her briefcase on the floor and then hitching the long strap of her overnight travel bag firmly into place on her left shoulder. Georgina, still smiling, swiped a room key card and offered it to the guest. “Room 504 as usual,” she said. “Everything is ready. You will want room service, I take it?” “Hmm, yes please. My usual chicken sandw… Read more

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Nipple Twister


Fbailey story Nipple Twister When my little sister was about eleven years old she started having her periods. She had cramps, she had an upset tummy, and she ran fevers…every twenty-eight days…just like clockwork. She got to miss a lot of school because of it too. Then just after she turned thirteen she came into my bedroom and said, “Twist my nipples just as hard as you can. Mom said that you had too.” Well fuck that shit. I wasn’t about to fall for that. I just got off being grounded and I wasn’t about to go right back on. I ran down the stairs, found Mom in the kitchen… Read more

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Visit with Mom

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I had just graduated high school and was heading off to college when the call came in. Dad had just been killed in a car accident. Of course Mom and I were both devastated. I told her I would hold off on college for a year to help her get through it, but she declined. "Oh, no Sweetie, you need to get a good education, Don't worry about me. I'll be fine." So off I went. I tried out for and made the football team as a wide receiver. Not first string, but I still got to play once in a while. I spent a lot of my free time in the gym, getting leaner and stronger. Time passed, I though… Read more

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Son helps his grieving mother.

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How to Celebrate Your Birthday Ch. 1 I was born on my Mother's 19th birthday. Not an amazing fact in itself, but one that would have interesting repercussions later in life. My early years were not unusual, and it wasn't until I was in my teens that I made an interesting discovery, well, two in fact. Firstly, I realised that my mother, called Ruth, was incredibly attractive (5'11" tall, with short reddish brown hair, a full set of tits and legs that went on, and on, and on.) Secondly, she and my Dad fucked like rabbits every night, and when she fucked, my Mum was loud and proud! Every ni… Read more

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His mother fantasy actually comes


It was early when I began indulging in our sexual fantasies about my mom. I had often spied on mom while she showered and dressed. I also stole her dirty panties from the hamper. This was the fuel for many of my jack-off sessions. One day, when I had just turned 18, she walked in on me while I was jacking off. I have always had a big cock, I think it was about 7 1/2 inches then; I'm about 9 inches now. I had a pair of her panties and was going to town when she walked in the door. I thought I was going to die, but I was so close to cumming that it just went off, and I came a lot, even then.… Read more

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I Just Love My In-Laws Chapter Four


Joyce sat in the rocking recliner busy on her kindle. Richard had retreated to the apartment bedroom for a long overdue nap. I sat on the couch trying to watch television. Five hours had passed since my sexual romp with my in-laws. My head was on a swivel, one minute I’d be glancing at the television, the next I’d be looking over at my mother in-law. Few words were spoken between us since I had shared the shower with Joyce. She seemed to be in a trance with her eyes on her kindle. Each time I would look in her direction my gaze would end with me staring at the valley formed between her two bre… Read more

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being me


 I was out for a night of fun, it was the weekend and being that warmer weather had finally arrived meant more people would be out looking for fun too. I had gotten my Harley out and figure I would hit a few clubs around the area I ended up at Nick's night club before 11 so the place was just about full, I walked in took a seat on the bench against the wall had a table in front of me as I stretched out my legs with my arms stretched over the back of the bench seat when a waitress noticed me walked up to take my order and asked me what I would like. I grinned and told her a double… Read more

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The Boy Next Door 7


Jason 18, the boy next door , lives with his dad 55 (who is in China managing his business most of the time) his step mother Josephine 38 and step sister Melanie in a Multi million dollar mansion in Herne Bay with views spanning from the Auckland Harbour Bridge out in to the Hauraki Gulf. It has all the usual luxuries Jason has no idea how much his dad is worth but it must be tens of millions. He went to Kings College where students drive better cars than the teachers probably spend more to. Jason is in his gap year before going to University. A month ago he had been watching MILF porn on his… Read more

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wife's gangbang

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GangBanging the Wife Well, the wife has really come a long way since we got her hormones straightened out as well as her back. I guess she’s trying to make up for lost time. Once she found out that I really meant it when I told her she could fuck other men, she’s had a different one just about every day. It’s nothing for me to walk in from work and she be on her back with some big dicked stud between her legs pounding away. There are days when I either have something going on or am just wore out that I’ll walk in, observe the action a little bit and then go on my way. Sometimes the wife… Read more

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Gone from my body, but not from my dreams

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Imagine waking up to the feeling of your little love nest being opened, so very gently, by a very hard and hot intruder. It was too tender to be troubling and then too wonderful to stop. He had stayed over after a party, too drunk to drive. Seth was tall with a runner’s body. You could tell he was used to being a top, used to submissive partners. But his jeans revealed a taut muscled ass that I really wanted to own. Now would have been a perfect time to get my cock into him, but it doesn’t work for me when he’s drunk. So I helped him into the guest bedroom, just loosened his clothes, turned o… Read more

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My New Job - Part 12 - Conference Day 1.1

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I'd been sitting in my room reading when there was a knock on the door around 6pm. Ron answered and it was Tyler, which I thought was odd since we were in adjoining rooms and I'd figured he would have just walked in through those doors. Then it occurred to me that Ron wasnt aware that Tyler and I met earlier and that he was just playing along with my wishes to keep that aspect just between us. Bravo Tyler, and thank you for doing this. I heard them talking, essentially catching up on when each arrived, good flights, enough rest, etc. Ron then called my name and asked me to come out to the sit… Read more

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Delicious cakes

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My sweet Heather looks like an angel. With her curly apple tinted blonde hair, big creamy D-cup boobs that she's self-conscious about, freckles across the bridge of her cute nose and pale blue sympathetic eyes, she drives the boys crazy on the campus where she's an assistant teacher and from which I graduated last year. What they don't know is that she's a lesbian and I'm her lover. She's the yin to my yang. While she's a 5'5" curvy girl with a sweet face of light, I'm a 5'7" athletic woman with 34B-cups, long chocolate brown hair, and big doe brown eyes. As I lie in bed with her, watching her… Read more

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Mummy's Good, Good Boy

First TimeMatureTaboo

* Back at home. After a semester away at university, I was back at home. Poor grades, an empty social life, and feeling homesick led me back home, to my mother's house. Frankly, I was feeling good about this return. I enrolled in community college, and was working a part time job in retail. Mother was in good shape financially: she worked as an office administrator at a law firm, and had made out well in her divorce from my father. My mother is a beautiful woman. She is tall, 5'9", curvy, with large C-D cup breasts, a flat tummy and a beautiful round ass attached to long, lean legs. She is ra… Read more

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Almost Did My Mom Way Back When

First TimeMatureTaboo

I never actually "did" my mom, but got about as close as you could and still not actually fuck her. My mom had a pretty hot body. Average face with that dumb short hair the way she wore it, but nice size tits and still firm for her age, and firm body. She was only 5'5" tall and only weighed like 110 pounds. And she was always kind of a prude. Dressed real conservative and wore those damn full size old lady panties. But remember this was back in the late 70's so thongs and stuff still didn't really exist yet then. Any way, she would have been in her mid 40's when this happened because I was 21… Read more

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Almost fucked my mom, but came too soon...

First TimeMatureTaboo

First off, my mom was/is a real slut. My parents divorced when I was young because he found out she had been cheating on him. In fact both of my sisters, which she had while they were married, are from two different men (which my dad didn't find out about until later). I remember going around with her and other boyfriends as a young k** after they divorced and perhaps even before, I'm not sure. In addition, she did/does drink a lot. Not sure I'd say alcoholic, she is a professional and was always very responsible professionally actually. So anyway, she re-married when I was around 8 and rema… Read more

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My life as a sex slave - Part 1 : Meeting my pimps

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Not everyone who becomes a prostitute does so for the "easy" money or out of desperation, and not all prostitutes end up sinking into a nightmare of alcohol and d**gs just to get through their encounters with clients or to forget about them afterward. I'd never dreamed of picking up prostitution as a career, but life tends to throw a wrench in the best laid out plans. Was I surprised when life, or rather when a couple of men, forced me to become a whore? Absolutely. Do I regret that turn of events? Absolutely not. Before I tell you more about how I met the men who would become my pimps, and… Read more

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Une escale pas banale

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Juliette et Gabriel venaient d'arriver à l'aéroport de Casablanca. Une très longue correspondance dont ils auraient bien pu se passer. Mais malheureusement, pas d'autres options. Les vols directs pour leur destination étaient complets…. Comble du désagrément, leur billets leur avait coûté plus cher! Mince consolation, lors de leur enregistrement à l'aéroport de départ, leur compagnie aérienne leur avait offert un accès VIP à leur salon. Un petit prélèvement de salive pour leur offrir un service plus personnalisé et ils n'avait qu'à présenter leur pass. Au moins cela leur donnerait accès à des… Read more

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Marlene –The first of many !

First TimeHardcoreMature

Marlene –The first of many ! After Annette left town around September 1999…. I was anxious and wondering if I would ever have so much fun as I did with Annette…. And so I was back viewing and posting on on-line sex sites. Around November, as I was getting frustrated and yes a bit desperate… I was contacted by a young lady named Marlene from one of the sites. I replied and almost immediately she responded and immediately stated could we meet tonight because she was really really horny! I was like in shock! There were no photos of her on the site and just basic information. I was at first…dam… Read more

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