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Yet another GDPR notification

Dear xHamster users,

Of course, we’ve updated our Privacy Policy in line with the GDPR (The General Data Protection Regulation), which comes into effect as of May 25th, 2018 in the EU.

Data protection is important, and we want you to know what data we collect from you and how we use it.

Please check the enhanced Privacy Policy section to learn more on your privacy rights and how to use them, as well as how we collect, use, and protect your personal data. … Read more

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xHamster on #Repealthe8th

At xHamster, we believe strongly in consent in all matters, and that includes a woman’s right to choose. That’s why this Friday, we ask our viewers to consider how #Repealthe8th relates to a wider discussion of adult sexuality.

If you enjoy the videos on our site, you’re enjoying the freedom of women to make informed, adult choices about their bodies, and the freedom to enjoy sexuality. Is it possible to enjoy these videos, and then elsewhere limit the rights of the women, or is it incompatible? For many of us, increased access to contraception, increased sexual health education and legalised… Read more

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A New Series for the Paysite

A New Series for the Paysite – Make Your Dream Come True!

Feel like you’ve seen it all in porn? Been there, jerked off to that? Us too.

There are plenty of paysites on the web, but we definitely know that one is missing.

A new paysite with a fresh and exclusive content based on your idea.

Do something about it — your help is needed! Become part of the process and fulfill your porn dream.

A series with a recurring theme and setting is needed. Maybe Sexy Tech Nerds, or Slutty Waitresses. Horny bay watchers! Malicious sugar-babies! A reporter who investigates every story … with her tongue!… Read more

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xHamster Royal Wedding

xHamster Looks to Hire Markle Family For Royal Wedding Parody

LONDON — Leading adult site xHamster is looking to hire members of Markle family to represent them at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle this weekend, as well as for future work with the company.

Alex Hawkins, Vice President of xHamster, read the story of the estranged Markles, and wondered if his porn site couldn’t do something to help. xHamster has reached out to half-brother Thomas Markle Jr. and half-sister Samantha Grant.

“We’re looking for Thomas and Samantha to deliver xHamster’s gift to the royal couple … Read more

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PMs go mobile on xHamster!

The wait is finally over! Private messages are now available on the mobile version of xHamster!

Now you can talk to each other, send messages and pictures, and share your content directly with other users — all from your mobile device.

We’re still in beta (testing mode), so if you have any issues, please let our support team know! We want to know how to best improve it!

Of course, PMs only work if you have registered profile on xHamster! So if you want to enjoy the perks of mobile, come claim your free account. What are you waiting for? Come and PM them!

Just tap on the right upper… Read more

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User search: DONE!

It’s been one of the most frequently requested and longest-awaited features — aaaand we’ve finally done it!

Now you can search for videos, photos, stories and other users in the related search field, as well as in the Dating section.

Just type in the first letters of a username in the search box, and let us do the rest!!

User search: DONE!
Thank you for your ideas and suggestions!

We are working hard 24/7 to make xHamster a better place. Without you, we’re nothing! <3
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Thank you, President Trump!

Thank you, President Trump!

Dear Donald Trump,

Please allow us to thank you, for all you’ve done for the adult industry in the past few years. You may not have intended it, but his endless history of dalliances with adult industry stars has lead to a record year for xHamster — our search traffic is up 232% since Inauguration Day!

That’s why this weekend, we’ve bought two billboards — one in Miami, and one near Mar-a-Lago in West Palm Beach — to publicly thank you for all his help. Happy Easter, Mr. Trump!

Read more

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Watch History now available on xHamster!

xHamster Watch History section will help you easily find the videos you've recently watched.

You can always manage your watch history by deleting videos or pausing your history (when paused, videos won't be shown in the history record).

Wanna start recording history again? Just click Unpause and enjoy surfing xHamster. This new feature is available on the beta desktop version and on xHamster mobile.

Check your Watch history for videos you've viewed right now! No registration required.

If you want to save your history while updating cookies, please sign in to organize your Watched videos in… Read more

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Stormy By The Numbers

“Stormy Daniels” continues to be the most searched for porn term for 2018, so we took a deeper dive to try and find out just who and what is driving interest in this Southern force-of-nature.

Searches for Stormy this year have topped every other search, and are more near 3000 times the volume they were last year. From the January 13th revelation that she’d signed an NDA to the 60 Minutes interview, she’s known how to turn the news into views. Here’s how search interest in Stormy has broken out, relative to specifi… Read more

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xHamster Brings You … Stormy Daniels GIFs

xHamster Brings You … Stormy Daniels GIFsStormy Daniels has been biggest search term of 2018 on xHamster, beating out even perennial favorites like “mom” and “japanese lesbian golfer.” Tonight, Stormy promises to reveal all the sordid details from her alleged affair with US President Donald Trump. Will it be filled with revelations, or a nothingburger? Either way, we want you prepared.

Below, xHamster reaction GIFs for every conceivable mood — from outrage to orgasm!
xHamster Brings You … Stormy Daniels GIFsRead more

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…. And the Award Goes To?

While the Oscars are Hollywood's biggest night, not everyone watches them equally. We took a look to see how visits to xHamster changed over a regular Sunday night. Overall, we saw an almost 9% decline in visits from the US on Sunday night.

A Tale of Two States

While traffic began to drop precipitously with the start of red carpet coverage, declining to nearly 10% by the time Best Picture was announced, the difference wasn’t universal. While liberal states like New York and California fell in tune, other states skyrocket. Proof? Look no further than the anti-Hollywood — Texas — w… Read more

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Over the past two weeks we’ve seen the amazing successes, heart-wrenching defeats … and some of the sexiest Olympic athletes ever. From Lindsey Vonn and Karen Chen to everyone’s favorite shirtless Tongan, Pita Taufatofua, we’ve seen plenty of blood-rushing action.

But could all those superhuman feats really inspire us in other ways? It turns out, the answer is yes. We looked at traffic to xHamster during the Olympics, and compared it to similar non-Olympic periods, and found there were distinct differences — most notable in how we view the sex appeal of various nationalities.

What country … Read more

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xHamster introduces “Subscriptions”

xHamster introduces “Subscriptions” to split your newsfeed.

Lost “My News” section? It’s been moved to “Subscriptions” section which will help you share most intimate moments with friends, leaving producers’ content to a separate feed.

Choose among 5000+ channels, subscribe to them and get updates from the channels you like.

You can find “My News” section featuring your friends’ updates next to the Channel feed now.

Check it and let us know what you think!
xHamster introduces “Subscriptions”
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What Women REALLY Want

Chocolates? Roses? Jewelry? That's what the marketers tell us that women want on Valentine's Day. But none of those things show up in their porn searches. While you're cooking dinner (or, let's face it, making dinner reservations), your girlfriend is in the other room searching for lesbian porn. Which is great, if you're a lesbian ...

This year for Valentine's Day, to help our users better understand the women they love, we took a look at two barometers for female desire, across the United States. First, the most popular category of porn for women in each state, and second the popularity of … Read more

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Superbowl Spike!

A funny thing happened when we looked at our traffic from Boston and Philadelphia last night. As would be expected, traffic to xHamster dropped during the game, and rose after. What we didn't expect was the response from women! After the game ended last night, women began flooding xHamster looking for a little endzone relief of their own? Was it the competitive adrenaline? The tight uniforms? The lockerroom shots? Or maybe the fact that the men were too busy watching post-game coverage. Either way, it looks like (heterosexual) men are missing out on what could be one of the sexiest nights of t… Read more

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Porn parody with John Brutal, our talented user

It`s been a while since fans of xHamster have elected an amateur performer known John Brutal to star as President Donald Trump in the company`s hardcore parody video.

Brutal had it all: small hands, bad hair, and absolutely no experience. We took him to LA for the initial shoot and it turned out the guy`s hot yuge potential for our great nation!

Place your sexual futures in his normal sized hands and place some lube in yours; together let`s make America cum again!

Featuring Blair Williams as Ivanka, Katie Morgan as Kellyanne Conway, and Maddy O’Reilly as …Sean Spicer!

A parody production w… Read more

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xHamster Debuts “Trump’s Bigger Button” After SOTU

It’s been a year since Donald J Trump first took office, and the ride has been so wild that sometimes it’s seemed surreal. We thought that it would be fitting that we’d use tonight’s State of the Union speech to debut our first Trump parody, featuring outsider porn star John Brutal!

We’re warning you — like the administration itself, “Trump’s Bigger Button” isn’t like anything you’ve seen before. Rhyming couplets, gender-bending, Kushner infantilism, ransomed boobs, spicy vaginal nuclear codes and sex scenes that could render Sarah Sanders speechless! (In other words, what we’ve made is just … Read more

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The xHamster`s State of the Union

It’s been a year since Republicans took control of Washington, DC — and oh, how the city has changed! But we’re not talking MAGA caps, and violations of the emoluments clause, of course — we’re talking search terms!

We did a deep dive in our data to see how porn searches within the District of Columbia compare today from the end of the Obama administration.
Below are over a dozen of DC’s most popular search terms — and how they’ve changed since Trump took office. And they say there’s not a difference between the two parties!

Read more

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xHamster Hypes on Crypt!

xHamster is launching our own cryptocurrency, but we simply couldn’t do that without asking our users and fans!

xHamster’s cryptocurrency will be an internal currency on It’ll be available to mine through activities on the website — content uploads, favouriting content, comments, profile completion, any social activity on the website, and more!

Once you mine it, you`ll be able to spend this cryptocurrency on for the gifts and other xHamster perks.

But we need your input on the name! Let us know what you think the cryptocurrency should be called in the comments sec… Read more

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xHamster Trend Report 2018

Hey xHamster Fans!

Over the holidays, we looked deep into our crystal ball to see what porn trends we can expect to see in 2018. We pulled out mountains of data (and watched more than a few of your favorite videos) to see how your tastes have been changing, and how we expect them to see them change anymore in the new year.

Whether you’re one of the hundreds of studios that works with us, one of our thousands of amateur uploaders, or just a porn fan, we hope that this helps you understand how and why your porn is changing.

2018: The Year of the Woman

Globally we saw a 2.4% i… Read more

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